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Moody IKEA

Days sheltering in place: 170.
Exercise: walking around IKEA.
Keyboard: time for a new song.

I’m really not in the mood to write tonight, but here I am giving in and writing anyway. One day I won’t bother, I’ll break my streak, others will eventually beat my streak and Kristine will left left at the top of the board forever. I’m resigned that it will happen one day, but not today. Today I went shopping.

After turning the dining room into Karen’s craft room we needed extra lights and cabinets to store all her fabrics, cord and other associated stuff I don’t understand. We managed to get the small Alex set of draws but what we really wanted was the large draws. IKEA said they had one in stock when we went there last but they didn’t.

Every day Karen checked, the count was 1. The other two IKEA stores were the same. We have two that are an hours drive away and one that is further.

Today I received the important text that said they had 13 in stock. I quickly finished the code I was working on and we headed to IKEA to get the draws. They had 12 in stock of course, because the mystery one they thought they had still doesn’t exist.

Still we have the draws, a new rug to go under the coffee table, more rechargeable AA batteries for my mouse, a couple of power strips and some chocolate.

All in all a successful trip. The store was quiet which was handy too.

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