2 years ago 🥁 for day 216, 2020 with 275 words.

Monday Update

Days sheltering in place: 140.
Exercise: Watered the lawn.
Keyboarding: bad entertainer.

So lets see what is left over from the Sunday list:

  • Take out the trash
  • Feed the new lawn food that arrived today to the lawn

I fed the lawn the lawn food. The sprinkler had run Sunday morning after all so I turned it off for this morning, and I’ll leave it off for Tuesday morning so that it soaks up all the good stuff instead of it being soaked into the soil. It’s mainly iron as far as I can tell, but the grass does look really healthy so I’m not going to knock it. If this experiment works then maybe I’ll get the entire irrigation system fixed / replaced and new turf installed. It might be California, but there is something about grass that feels good for the soul.

The trash I’ll take out tomorrow as the garbage trucks come early Wednesday morning.

There was another software update for my car, I don’t know what the new features are, I’ll find out tomorrow when I do the weekly shopping.

Sheltering in place was going to be a couple of weeks, then a month, now 140 days, probably the rest of the year.

Finally I pre-ordered one of the new Pixel 4a phones for compatibility testing of our product at work. It’s really for the QA department, but as they mainly consists of Karen and her office is just along the landing from me, I’ll get to play with it a bunch.

Also: Karen’s Been Busy

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