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Monday the 13th

Exercise: Went to Vote
Piano Song of the day: The Bear Necessities (117/117)

So I cracked the singing bear song from Jungle Book, which was the first movie I actually saw in a movie theater. My Mum took me and my sister to go see it when it first came out in the UK. Yes, I really am that old.

I went to vote this evening as tomorrow is the California Governor Recall Election and while I would have liked to vote on the day I have enough meetings planned already that it was easier just to go do it tonight. This is the crazy situation where somebody got enough votes to try and oust the governor before his term ends in 2022. If he loses the Yes/No vote then the person with the most votes gets to be governor. You can't vote the existing governor back in. So if the governor loses by 1% (only gets 49% of the vote) somebody with 15% of the votes could replace him.

What you ask, only 15% of the vote?

Well, there are 46 candidates, I kid you not. Everyone with the dream of being the Governor of California threw their hat into the ring.

If the votes are even then somebody with 2.17% of the votes will be the new Governor. Of course, the votes won't be even and of the forty-six candidates, there are only a handful that are likely to get any serious votes. Still, we could have some nutty angry radio host as our new governor - he is, it seems, rather popular with a certain demographic.

And you thought your politics and election processes were messed up in your country.

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