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Two Gifts

Days sheltering in place: 147.
Exercise: Erm..., nope.
Keyboard practice: Full repertoire & encore.

I got not one, but two kitchen appliances for my Birthday and I’m really happy about it.

Of course the main kitchen appliance was the fully automatic espresso maker which, as I have now run out of pods, I get coffee from twice per day. It is really really good coffee, full of fruit or chocolaty notes.

I used to laugh when I read descriptions of coffee that said things like “cherry”, “earthy”, “smokey”, “chocolatey”. It was like reading something from a J. Peterman’s catalogue. Who were these idiots, coffee tasted of coffee.

Now, of course, what I didn’t know was that stale coffee tastes of coffee and non-stale coffee tastes of the Coffea Berry and also what we associate as coffee that has been roasted and then left to go stale.

Berries being berries (or as some would refer to them: cherries) have lots of flavours. The best way to experience this is to buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself. Purists will claim that two days past the roast date the flavor diminishes. If you can’t get green beans, or don’t want to roast your own then look for a roast-on date on your coffee beans - never buy pre-ground by the way. The date should ideally be no more than a couple of weeks old, a month tops. Longer than this and the flavors will be lost.

Almost all bags of coffee are stale. Beans in hoppers are stale. All beans at Starbucks are absolutely stale. If it doesn’t have a roast on date look for the use by date and subtract 12-18 months. Yes, that’s how old he beans are. Purists would tell you that the beans are very bad as bean oil that makes the beans shinny is rancid, good for getting rid of slugs and nothing else.

I’m lucky. I can get beans that are a couple of weeks old or if I’m lucky only a few days old and let me tell you, the flavours are intense, and wonderful, plus coffee.

As for the other kitchen appliance, if I remember I’ll talk about that tomorrow.


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