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Time & Efficiency

Days sheltering in place: Heinz
Days to normality: three weeks (at least)

It was odd that Ilya wrote about taking out the garbage today as today is the last chance I have to collect all the garbage around the house, put it into the appropriate trash containers (recycling, garden waste, everything else) and wheel them to the end of my driveway. If I really want to procrastinate I can wait until Wednesday morning if I really want to get up early.

I used to collect all the garbage on a Sunday and make a big effort of it. Then on Tuesday evening I would wheel the trash cans to the end of the driveway on my way back from a walk.

Somehow, leaving the task until bedtime on a Tuesday night has created a means of being very efficient with the garbage collection, dumping it in the trash containers and wheeling them all as one task. It would seem that the desire to go to bed - and write my words - has caused this.

Today on a trip - that was considered “essential travel” we stopped by the car dealership on the way home to test drive the Mini-e, which we got to do for the best part of an hour. Like all electric cars, it’s quiet and fun. You can hear the whine of the electric motors more than you can my Tesla. As far as Mini’s go it’s a fun car with the only real downside being the 110 mile range which is quite low, especially as Karen has a 90 mile return commute with one of her jobs.

Price wise it is very comparable to the petrol version of the Mini Cooper S yet we would qualify for $10K in federal & tax rebates, plus be able to drive in the commute lane as a single passenger. Then there are the saving from 100 MPGe by using electric, no oil changes, fluids, maintenance etc.

If we can make the distance workable then we may be getting a new car.

Plus the heads up display & new Iconic Black (which is a really dark blue) is to die for. Carmen would have loved this car.


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