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Masked Raider

Days sheltering in place: 108.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: Touched the keys.

If you walked into a bank with a hat covering your head, dark sun tinted glasses covering your eyes and the rest of your face coving you face from the bottom of your eyes downward the bank security would pounce on you two steps into the doorway. You might as well have a sawn-off shotgun and a bag to stick the cash into to complete the image.

But do that today and it is not only totally legal, it’s required. Well maybe not the sawn-off shotgun but in states with open or concealed carrying of guns you could possibly pull it off.

Of course all the rest of the bank staff are there behind their glass or plexiglass protection wearing masks too and in my case the baseball hat says Phoenix in big embroidered lettering and the Dr Who mask is an identifying aspect of my outfit, not exactly a stocking over my head, balaclava or ski mask.

Still it does make for an interesting banking experience. Given the way the USA and many of the states are handling - or the lack of handling - COVID-19 I can’t see not wearing a mask is going to be an option this year. Especially if the virus does indeed mutate and we get COVID-20.

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