2 months ago 🥁 for day 332, 2020 with 354 words.

Masculine Ass

Exercise: 4+ miles of hiking.
Keyboard: nah, I’m on vacation.

Lots of hiking today in snow and packaged ice at 6,000 ft, which if you are used to living at sea-level means a distinct lack of oxygen to fill you lungs. Hiking on the level is OK, and evening going down, but going up is slow progress.

This was Day 2.

Trying not to work still, although the support team did have a customer issue I was asked to look into. I don’t mind, as senior management the buck stops with me if it’s a technical issue and the buck doesn’t care whether a I’m on holiday or not. Turned out to be user error, so no big involvement and a learning process for the support member on call. We highly value Good customer support, and take great pleasure in providing it.

Wandering around most people are wearing masks or sort of. In crowded situations such as busy streets yes - well mostly - on the hiking trails not so much. Many were courteous and many were blatantly uncaring, and if I was going to generalize it would be the 20 somethings who were the not giving a damn ones.

In the built up areas, Including the hotel we are staying in, there is plenty of lip service and then there are those that have no intention of wearing a mask. The lip service people don’t take it seriously, the ones that refuse to wear a mask, they take it seriously, their objection to wearing a mask.

And 99% of the time, it’s Men. In their 20’s, 30’s, Teens, 50’s it really don’t seem to matter, but always men.

Do they think they are more masculine, that they are stronger, that they can resist the virus better, or are they just dumber?

I often joke that my lack of chest hair compared to other men is a sign that I’m more evolved - there may be some truth in this.

But serious, don’t be a Masculine Ass, wear a Mask!


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