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Making America Clean Again

Days sheltering in place: 166.
Exercise: 4.5 mile hike
Keyboard: less finger fumbling

I have concluded that American households are the cleanest that they have ever been and Americans - or people or live in America - have the cleanest hands they have ever had.

I base this not on any empirical evidence or long-term study of million microbes per square inch over the last 10 years leading to this breakthrough discovery.

And also, when I make this statement it may not be across all of the USA, it may be that in certain states or certain remote locations things are as dirty as they have always been, if not dirtier.

Again, I have no evidence of this, just an idea that it might be the case and for at least where I live in the San Francico Bay Area, California, I conclude that it must be the case for I can't think of any other possible plausible consequence of this situation

The situation I speak of is the fact that it is near impossible to buy, no matter where you shop, all your regular cleaning products. Hand Soap, no chance. Dish soap, yes. Surface cleaners and bleach, you'll be hard pushed.

America has gone out and stocked up on all the cleaning products they can find to make sure that no matter what, all surfaces in their households, and their hands are getting clean and staying that way.

Thats a side effect of COVID-19.

Why bleach and toilet cleaner I have no idea. I hope they aren't following some dumb idiotic advice and drinking the stuff.

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