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Mail Surprise

Days sheltering in place: 126
Exercise: nope.
Keyboarding: still noodling around.

I received an express package today from Wal-Mart. As I have a store within walking distance of my home, ordering for delivery wouldn't make sense except for two reasons:

  • It is heavy
  • The store doesn't have it in stock

Normally I would order for delivery at the store, but no-way am I doing that anymore.

Things must be desperate before I'm going to pay for overnight express delivery. The order was placed on Sunday for delivery on Monday. It was shipped from Las Vegas, NV to me (in California).

Of course, Amazon offers me free overnight shipping all the time, even free same-day shipping some of the time. Then tempts me with free movie rentals if I delay the package a few days - which always works unless it is urgent.

Still, this package wasn't from Amazon. I don't remember ordering anything from Wal-Mart on Sunday. Did I order it in my sleep using my fingerprint for payment authorization? That could be potentially dangerous. No, it seems that I didn't do that (whew).

Did they get the wrong address, no. It's my address, and my name on the package.

So, I gave up, what was in the mystery package. Well there was no receipt, no delivery note. No indication that who had ordered it.

All that was inside was this. Which isn't even something I would buy, never mind order online, and never express.

Now what do I do?


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