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Days sheltering in place: 163.
Exercise: 2 mile walk, outside!
Keyboard trickly fumbles.

No not the show, although if you want an odd show, I started re-watching Twin Peaks. I also re-watched 2001 for the first time in ages. 2001 is an odd film, you can skip the beginning and the ending, but the section in the middle with the Moon, Discovery One and of course HAL is simply great. The cinematography is brilliant, amazing for 1968 and of course HAL & Dave are cult. Plus, the choices of classical music are wonderful. I watched it for the art, music, and quotes because the storyline is, well odd.

My Pixel 4a that was ordered when it was announced is officially deemed lost by the shipping company, or as I call it: "fell off the back of the delivery van into somebodies backpack". Thing is Google know the IMEI of the device so what is the point. I assume somebody will sell it for cheap and Google if they can be bothered will disable it.

Contacting the Google Store Help Department has so far been a total waste of time so I am not expecting any resolution anytime soon in that regard and a reminder to not but hardware products from a company that doesn't provide good support. I'm only getting it because we need an Android phone to test our product on at work, and my company is paying otherwise I wouldn't be even bothering.

Hopefully this doesn't turn into one of those long running saga's where I write about the progress of trying to get a phone I ordered that hasn't been delivered.

Pop Quiz: Guest where the phone "fell off the van" at:


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