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I’ve lost my gloves and I’m more than slightly annoyed and definitely not gruntled at all. My wife is pretty certain that they’ll turn up in some odd place in the house where I was when I took them off and distractedly put them down. I hope she is right, somehow my hopes are not high that she will be this time though.

I don’t even know how long I’ve had them but to sound really corny I’ll say they fit like a glove. Maybe I’ve had them 15 years, maybe 25. I’ve definitely had them at least 10. They are well worn in. Maybe they were a gift from my mother, I really don’t remember where or when I brought / acquired them.

They are that ideal mix of leather - or fake leather - on the backs and palms with cotton on the sides. This keeps your hands warm while allowing them to breath and provide a good grip should you need it - ideal for driving or gardening.

I have a spare pair of gloves, more designed for dealing with snow. I packed those for this trip as I couldn’t find my “perfect gloves” and it’ll probably affect my mood until either I find them, replace them or forget that I ever had them.

I nearly lost the scarf that my mother brought me and that upset me a lot. I like the scarf, it works well and the thought of being careless enough to lose it horrified me. I worked my way backwards from where I had been to find it at the Starbucks I had been to.

Hopefully somebody somewhere found my gloves and handed them in, either at WalMart, Trader Joe’s, Panera, Target or Best Buy. When I get back to California, if they haven’t turned up I’ll be checking the lost & found to find out.

Still, it’s very upsetting to lose them in the first place. Realizing you have been careless does that to me.


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