1 year ago 🥁 for day 145, 2021 with 227 words.

Lord of nearly rings

Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: Lord of the Rings (97.6%)

So close, but alas, no cigar. I did get closer though, however frustrating the song is. It is part of a movie theme challenge from my Piano App so I'm determined to crack it. which then just leaves one more song and I have completed all 8 - or maybe 12 themes. I must admit the Godfather has got to have been the most fun, but that could just be because I don't remember how the others went.

Moving on, another unexciting day at the office, which is across the landing from my bedroom and while a decent size, I really can't complain about the commute or the fact that I get to wear whatever I want, or not - as long as I'm not on a video call.

Biggest excitement for the day has got to be the new AppleTV remote, which arrived today. Finally Apple are getting to undo all the damaged the Jony Ive did. He was an incredible industrial designer but I really do think he went too far with the "form over function" and lost his way in the end. Hopefully we'll see some good stuff re-introduced with the next macBook pro in a couple of weeks time.

And that's a wrap for another day writing into a browser.

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