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Looking to Q2

Days sheltering in place?: 45
Days to normality: 31 (at least).
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: 2.

Event that isn't happening today: travel to the smoke (aka: London) prior to not flying back to California on Friday. Wander around Covert Garden and get some Gelato from my favorite Gelato shop.

An anti-body test is generally available at the labs here - probably US wide - for free if you can get you Dr to prescribe it or you can pay out of pocket if you can’t and you want to. As it is unknown whether antibodies will give you immunity and also the effectiveness of the tests and false positives I’m wondering whether it is useful or not. I could probably get one if I wanted.

Meanwhile companies are starting to release their first quarter results and while some - eg: Ford, GE - have lost boatloads / billions of dollars Tesla made a profit, Facebook made a profit, Google didn’t get as hard hit by a cut in advertising as expected and tomorrow (Thursday) we’ll find out exactly how Apple did. The thing is, this isn’t the quarter to worry about. Only the last two weeks of it were “shelter in place”. The next quarter, of which at least 50-70% of the quarter will have been during this period will be the one that hurts.

Things that are for certain, people in a lot of companies can easily work from home without it affecting their productivity. Obviously there are exceptions - eg: manufacturing - but the world and the economy does not end just because we changed our working style.

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