2 years ago 🥁 for day 203, 2020 with 215 words.

Long Days

Days sheltering in place: 2^7-1.
Exercise: nope.
Keyboarding: a few simple melodies.

The days are long, not just the number of hours of sunlight, but the work days too. I’m in bed when I know I really should finish the work that I didn’t get done today. At least I left myself enough postIt notes to remind me of what I need to do. Sent myself some e-mail reminders, and left a window open with some SQL that I need to commit to source control.

Then there is all the work that I had planned to get done today before all the other work stuff happened. The feature that somebody mentioned would be done by the end of July hasn’t even been started and I seriously can’t see it being done before the end of August. Maybe it won’t actually be started until the end of August, we’ll see.

I still don’t know who sent me the box of cheap pens, it is likely to remain a mystery forever. The package says that they were order by a customer with the exact same name as myself.

In the better news my wife surprised me with a new cushion that I had requested she make...


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