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Listening To The Grass Grow

Days sheltering in place: (mine’s a) 99.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 2.
Keyboarding: Played for my boss.

When my boss calls, my phone rings, and my computer rings. After I answer the call often the computer keeps playing for a bar (or so) until it gets the message from the phone that it has been answered. My Boss was so used to this that today I surprised him with an impromptu Imperial March rendition, following by the opening bars of the WestWorld Theme as he had watched some episodes. Turns out he plays piano himself + guitar.

Over the last 18 months you may have seen the odd post about mowing, which would leave you to believe that I have grass and while I do have a little grass I also have a lot of weeds and dirt. But over the last year I have been encouraging the grass that I do have to grow, or at least not die.

Having tried a few things I finally decided to try a service that analyzes your soil and sends you the right nutrients for your climate and situation. This is where I got the bottles of Dandelion Doom from.

Inside the starter pack came a bag of seed and some mulch to cover them with so about 10 days ago I planted some as a test in a bald patch and made sure that they were watered regularly so that the seeds would germinate.

Today, I had a welcome surprise, lots of new grass had popped up from the soil, I have new grass, that I grew. Nothing compared to my wife’s Arugula / Rocket, but my achievement, nevertheless.


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