2 years ago 🥁 for day 127, 2020 with 362 words.


Days sheltering in place: 51.
Days to normality: 25 (at least)

Six of my lilies have opened, and when I say "my lilies" they aren't really mine. They came with the house and if anything, they belong to both myself and my wife. Of course, I tend to them if you can call "watering them" tending to them.


Today the bird pole and the hummingbird feeder were installed in the garden within sight of the living room couch and we did have a couple of visitors. They seem less than impressed with the quality of the nectar that we provided, or they were just taking a quick slurp while on their way elsewhere. They seem to be extremely interested in the dead fronds of our palm trees for reasons I have yet to discern - possibly they are looking for nesting material. I have seen other birds in the garden with twigs in their mouths. Maybe insecets hang out there, which is a protein food source for them.

Another project started today is my wife finally planting some arugula seeds. This isn't us getting all independent and living off the land now that we are sheltering at home but another project on my to-do list that has finally started two years after it should have been. We like arugula on our sandwich's or with a meal and as neither of us are good at eating vegetables or greens it is at least something we like. The problem is, in the USA, you can't just buy a little. You have to buy a huge container of the stuff with the consequence that 80+% of it goes to waste.

If our new plan works, she'll plant new seeds every week (or so) and then have a constant supply of fresh, from the garden, arugula with - hopefully - none of it going to waste. My task was to get the seeds, soil, pot - seems simple, but honestly, I really have been busy.

As for the grapefruit tree that she is growing from seed. It is doing well, come back in 20 years and I'll let you know if we get any fruit.

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