1 week ago for day 259, 2020 with 222 words.

Life’s a Beach

Days sheltering in place: 183.
Exercise: nope. Keyboard Practice: I'm forgetting the order, but it sounds OK out of order, it's a Sonata!

There used to be a poster in my - then local - Body Shop store in Bournemouth that said:


I only remembered that when I typed the title to this post.

Today I was interviewing somebody (yes, we are still expanding) and at the beginning of the conversation when he asked how I was doing I said:

"I wish I could turn off my computer and phone and go lie on a beach for a week"

I'm not sure where that though came from. It would have to be somewhere warm, and Karen would have to be there to. No use enjoying something so relaxing on my own. What would I do, I don't know? Probably catch up with my reading. After all, I used to live on the beach, well as close to the beach as you are technically allowed to live without camping - which is about fifty feet.

Every morning - or at least most mornings - I would go sit on the beach, put my feet in the water, drink my coffee and read a book.

That's probably what I was thinking.

Ah, those were the days.



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