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Let's Talk About The Weather

Exercise: nope, too hot!
Piano Song of the day: Sonate 11 - Mozart (both hands 136/136 notes)

Yes (or Ydw as they would say in Wales), I played the missing three notes, and I played all 136 notes. Not all at once, I had to pause the manuscript twice, but I did play it all the way through so I think I will resume my lessons at this point and the song listed above will probably be different tomorrow.

It's hot. 103°F (40°C) hot. California is having a bad drought and you know what that does, there is less water in the air from evaporation, and you know what water in the air does, yes, it cools it down. Now, you know what dry land and lakebeds do, that's right they retain the heat. So not only do we have a drought, we have a heatwave caused by having a drought, which then evaporates what little water we have, creating yet more dry land, which stores more heat, causing a bigger heatwave, causing..... yes, you get the picture.

When I talk to people and propose that we are going to experience more and more extremes of weather - from heat to hurricanes and flash flooding - they really seem surprised, I mean am I the only one seeing this coming?

Looking at where I want to live in retirement, up in the mountains where it is soo much cooler is getting to look really attractive, next to a snow-fed mountain lake I think. You read it here first.

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