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Exercise: 2 mile walk.

If macOS Big Sur is installed on a machine and nobody is around to watch it, does it install faster?

Cars don’t come with a lug wrench anymore. You know the one. You use it to undo your lug nuts on your wheels to change them when you get a flat and put on the spare at the side of the road in the pouring rain.

And there is a reason that they don’t come with one, nor a jack ether, or a starting handle come to think of it, and the reason is quite simple. Cars don’t come with a spare wheel anymore.

Some cars come with an emergency kit that you can use so that you flat tire can be turned into a “donut” or maybe you have run-flat tires.

Or maybe, like myself, you have a button to press or number to call and magically a truck will appear with a replacement fullsize tire & wheel and you’ll have your existing tire replaced. That’s how Tesla do it. BMW give you the can of run-flat stuff. Tesla make a simple kit too.

So why would you need a lug wrench? Well, if you want to install security nuts on your wheels so that they can’t be stolen, then you need to take an existing lug nut off each wheel, replace it with a anti-theft lug nut and for that you need a lug wrench.

Thus, for exercise today, I walk 1 mile to Wal-Mart, brought a lug wrench for $11 and walked a mile home. Tomorrow or this weekend I’ll replace four nuts and probably never use it again.

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