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Days of COVID: 308.
Exercise: Taking out the trash.
Welsh phrase of the day: Dw i'n hoffi dwisgo dillad (I don't like wearing clothes).

If I have to type "Dw i'n ddim yn hoffi" into duolingo I'm going to scream, or even "Dych chi ddim yn hoffi". The first is the I for and the the later is the Do or Are form, as in Do you like chocolate?

Speaking of languages I was resurrecting some old code that we need for a new project involving vaccination clinics - yes I write software to schedule nursing staff, and of course vaccination clinics are the latest need.

Anyway, to get back on topic, I was looking for the code that we previously used - and it turns out still use - but I was having difficulty finding it. I knew it existed and I knew it was in our code base and I knew that we ran it from a cron job, what I had forgotten was that for efficiency instead of writing it in PHP because it's entire purpose was to insert new records in the DB based on certain conditions I wrote the whole thing in SQL instead.

A very long SQL statement with SQL variables and all sorts of clever stuff. That was back in 2016. The new version that I wrote today, was written in PHP so that it would fit inside our auditing and logging infrastructure. Still the guts of the action was a complex SQL statement, but wrapped in PHP.

If you got this far, reward yourself, go play this: 2020 Game

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