1 year ago 🥁 for day 161, 2020 with 338 words.


Days sheltering in place: 85.
Ants in the kitchen: One (still too many)
Keyboarding: Nope, but there is still time before midnight

Got a hair cut - did I mention that before, maybe I did. Karen cut it. Join the Chatty Writers video chat on Friday and you get to see it.

I went out today, twice. First trip was to my local Apple Store - about 30 minutes away. It finally opened again on Monday. I could finally return the iPad pro purchased on March 9th within the 14 day return window by returning it a full 3 months later.

A week after I brought it, Apple released the 2020 version of the iPad Pro and it was slightly cheaper. I was within the 14 day return window, so I ordered the new one with the plan to return the newish one when the new one arrived.

Then Apple closed all the stores. What now? They made a promise: If you were within the 14 day return window when they closed, they would restart the 14 window when they re-opened, and they did. No fuss, full refund, no questions, no quibble. Simple & professional.

Of course during that 3 months I had a $1,000 credit card bill that I would need to pay for a device I wanted to return. I would end up having to pay the $1,000 and then get a credit afterwards. Rather useless, and financially painful as I had brought the 2020 iPad, but wait...

As I brought it using my Apple Credit Card (3% cash back => $30), it wouldn't be due until the end of April. Maybe the stores would be open again by then, but no.

Apple decided that everyone who had a balance due at the end of April could defer it, interest free until the end of May. Then, they did the same, interest free until end of June. And now July. I hadn't actually paid for the iPad before I got the refund, and now I never will - I did get the cash back though.


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