2 years ago 🥁 for day 189, 2020 with 221 words.

Keep Spinning Those Plates…

Days sheltering in place: 113.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 3?
Keyboarding: Full repertoire, piano, organ and string section.

Over the last few weekends I have been participating in to a “lock-down quiz” with other members of my wifes family back in Wales. It’s fun and some weeks we do well, some weeks badly, one week we won. There is a very diverse age range participating from mid 20’s to 80s‘s.

In the last quiz one of the questions was “how many keys on a full size piano”. Apparently I was the only one that knew the answer - 88 - which surprised me.

Today was “release day” for a new customer that we have been working on since Covid happened - or shortly afterwards - with all the work by the team involved done remotely. None of us - from sales, support, DevOps,. Engineering, Implementation, legal, etc - have met face to face. I would say QA as well, but as Karen does the QA and has unparalleled access to Engineering with our office being our house is where we have been stuck sheltered in place for the last 113 days.

Looks like I too am going to have a “Lock Down Birthday” this year, at least there will be good espresso to drink on the day.

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