1 year ago 🥁 for day 186, 2020 with 332 words.

Ja Ja Ding Dong

Days sheltering in place: 110.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: Touched the keys.

The title will give it away that I watched Eurovision - the movie - tonight as I needed something to relax to, and stop me working. It is an OK movie and - for me - more enjoyable than the actual contest itself. The contest has had some highlights throughout the years, but generally I’m killed by the blandness.

Earlier we were watching Hamilton, which as I don’t like musicals in general (there are a few exceptions), wasn’t really going to be for me. Of the bits I did catch as I caught up on a backlog for 500+ e-mails it looked good - if that is your kind of thing.

Today is, of course, Independence Day for America. Or Colonial Treason Day if you want to take a tongue firmly in cheek British perspective. Now of course I want to see a reverse. An Independence from America for many countries, especially the UK. So much of what is bad about America gets imported into the UK and it is quite sad to see it happen. Thankfully when it comes to entertainment, arts, tv, film & adverts Britain still hold its own. Unfortunately many of the great British TV shows get re-made in the USA embarrassingly badly and American funding or involvement in any British project tends to go badly.

As for America itself. Hopefully by early next year it will no longer be under the influence of our adult child president and the influence Russia has over him.

I’m an American but don’t feel it deserves celebrating it’s freedom from British rule. It has too many problems that urgently need solving. From racism that needed fixing a century ago to gun control, health care, and a long list of other items. Fix those and then maybe on July 4th I’ll actually feel that it deserves a celebration.

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