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Joe Cool

Days sheltering in place: 132.
Exercise: walking around Home Depot count?
Keyboarding: tinkling the midi.

Another day in the garden - all the accounts safely finished yesterday. I mowed the lawn yesterday so today I pruned the roses, weeded the lawn, trimmed some growth off the poplar trees, watered all the roses in the front yard and hedges there. They were looking rather sad as I haven't really been paying too much attention to them as late and the bushes are starting to die. Plus, I lost enough rose bush. Then I watered the roses and scrubs in my rear garden. I really should figure out if the irrigation system is fixable.

I also went out to two hardware stores to discover that now four months later they are starting to run out of stuff two. I wanted to pick up a small plastic plant tray because we have a squirrel that drinks from the ant moat for the hummingbird feeder, It seems it would be a lot easier if we just provided him/her with some easier to get water. Alas, you couldn't buy a plant pot or tray if you wanted, everywhere is sold out.

Having managed to get him or herself up the up - a feat in itself - he (or she) totally ignored the bird seed - which she (or he) had been feasting on those spilled on the ground on a day earlier.


I was mainly there to look at materials to make a custom security door to go on the outside of our sliding glass doors so that burglars can't break in with a hammer so easily. That and the garden deck are projects in slow progress that I hope to get finished sometime this year.

I got a haircut, in my kitchen, care of Karen. This is the third one now since all barbers closed in March. Maybe, I don't actually need to pay anybody to cut my hair after all.

And to top it all off the wife may me a new face mask. I had a selection of material to choose from and declined the daisies and troll themed material. I already have two Dr Who related masks so here is a picture of me taking a picture of my new mask.


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