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It Must Be Friday

Days sheltering in place?: 46.
Days to normality: 30 (at least).
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: Two (I think).

Event that isn't happening today: Fly back to California just in time for a book-reading on Saturday as well as a special day in the Garden.

When I went shopping on Thursday evening there was some toilet paper on the shelves. For an early evening (7pm’ish) time-slot this was quite surprising. Of course I didn’t buy any. After all I have a couple of spare rolls still untouched.

Thursday morning my wife discovered that you could order toilet paper directly from the manufacturers online. Of course the minimum order size was 5 x 9 pack. Just as we were about to order a years supply of toilet paper we decided to check elsewhere. In doing so we found we could order for delivery Monday a 12 pack from our local SuperMarket - non-in-stock of course, but mail order free delivery yes.

So of course after placing the order it was destiny that there would be toilet paper on the shelves at the same supermarket we had just ordered from.

Meanwhile, if it’s the morning (for me) where the “Chatty Writers” Telegram group get together it must be Friday. If you ever want to see the faces and talk to the people behind the words that you read, then this is your chance. Friday mornings 16:30 CET. Be there, or not, I enjoy it.

Finally, as the weekdays merge into the weekend days with similarity of nothing open and go where to go I give you World Naked Gardening Day which as I have a house with a garden that has decent fences and walls on all sides and isn’t overlooked by my neighbors it is always a fun opportunity to spend some time outside. Probably not pruning my roses though.

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