9 months ago 🥁 for day 153, 2020 with 372 words.

It's (Definately) A Lockdown

Days sheltering in place: 77.
Nights in curfew: 1.
Days to normality: what is normal anyway?
Keyboarding: nope.

You may have heard about the riots and looting in the USA that have been occurring at the same time as the BLM protests. I express it as "occurring at the same time" and not "associated with" as I see them as a bunch of thugs or wanna-be thiefs taking advantage of a situation where the police are occupied elsewhere to break into a bunch of stores and loot them.

I'm trying to avoid getting into the discussion of police brutality & Black Lives Matter, because in the USA the statistics speak for themselves. The shoot first, ask questions later, style training vs the de-escalation techniques used everywhere else is a significant problem but also is the easy availability of guns here. Pulling somebody over for running a stop light just might get you killed if you don't draw your gun first. It's a horrible situation, but it what it is. That and the blatant racism that exists here. You wouldn't expect it for a western economic democratic power, but you also wouldn't expect such a poor educational system and healthcare either. White supremists are alive and well. Just because they don't wear robes and hoods anymore doesn't mean they don't exist.

Today I went on my bi-weekly errands to the bank and shopping. The bank was unexpectedly closed and I couldn't get to my Organic Food Store as the police had surrounded the entire parking lot blocking all entrances. I could get to Trader Joes but the queue outside was too long and I had work to do.

With a five minute warning they closed Wal-Mart, Target and probably Trader Joes too. I saw that Lowes were blocking their car park with pallets of stuff.

Tonight we are under curfew. 6pm - 5am. Announced at 5pm. This is new. I don't need to go anywhere. But I was planning to tomorrow and eventually I'll run out of milk, eggs and butter.

Breaking into stores and stealing stuff doesn't help reduce police brutality it negates the hard work of those that are trying to end it you low live loser scum.


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