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It's alive!

Exercise: 4 mile'ish hike in the woods
Piano Song of the day: Pink Panther Theme (at 100% speed, note perfect)

With Pink Panther dealt with, next up is one of my all time favorite pieces of music. Chariots of Fire. Thanks to Fiene for the advice, but yeah, not happening. Turns out that there is a F/A chord and a E/A chord thrown in there so not just G & A as I thought. So back to anchoring on D.

When I went to Trader Joes the other day I found these:


They are a vacuum fried mushroom, from the mushroom capital of the USA apparently. I have no idea what vacuum fryer is so I had to look that up. Nevertheless, they are very good to snack on, all the intense flavour of a good mushroom, is a munchable format.

Meanwhile both Trader Joe's and Wal-Mart have decided that fully vaccinated people don't have to wear a mask in their stores unless the state says otherwise. Being fully vaccinated is on the honor system - except for the staff that have to prove otherwise. Hopefully this will encourage people to get vaccinated. The state of California says that we still have the wearr masks, the state of Nevada says you don't and as for the state of Florida, they never required masks anyway - and people say California is full of the nut cases.

On the hike today I was taking photos of wild flowers and I found something that looked quite boring, what was possibly a dead thistle or something. I browny color. As I moved into take a close up photo, it moved:


Close inspection of this growing thing that was alive indicated that it had been a very tightly knit ball of baby spiders. As I watched in front of my eyes, it expanded larger and larger until it was no longer a ball.


Turns out that baby garden spiders form this tight balls to protect themselves until they are old enough to live individually and when disturbed separate. Then when the coast is clear they all go back together to form their ball again.

FX: David Bellamy voice:

Absolutely fascinating stuff.

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