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iStarted something iThink

After I finished the last of the 31 parts of my Computer Languages posts I put a link to Facebook letting my friends know that if they had sleeping problems, I had 10,000 (boring) words that could possibly help them.

Turns out some of them actually read some — or all — of of words, nobody mentioned falling asleep however one of the feedback comment I got was from an old work colleague.

That's a good read Yorick. I couldn’t help noticing “4-Sight iSDN Manager” amongst the text (pt21). When did ISDN get Apple-i-fied?!!

And that is an interesting point. With iMac, iBook, iPod, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, etc you would associate the ‘i’ prefix with Apple, just as my friend had and suggested that I had "Apple-i-fied" the name of our companies product.

I knew that ISDN — Integrated Services Digital Network — was an abbreviation and is normally written in all uppercase. I also knew that I was one of the original four people that wrote the software and I named it iSDN Manager, or at least I thought so. It would make sense from a Product copyright perspective to do it.

A quick Google Search revealed....

4-Sight iSDN Manager

OK, I wasn't mistaken, but was this an Apple influence?

More Googling revealed:

  • iMac: Aug 1998
  • iBook: Jun 1999
  • iCEO: 2000 (Steve Jobs formalized his interim title)
  • iPod: Oct 2001
  • iPhone: Jun 2007
  • iPad: Apr 2010
  • iCloud: Oct 2011

Then I thought, could I find an earlier example of this naming convention. The earliest I could find was:

  • iVillage: 1994
  • Script Softwares: iCount, iSearch and iView: 1996

Which only leaves the date when I created the very first version of iSDNMgr.c thus starting a convention of naming things with a lowercase ‘i’…

  • August 18th, 1991
Seems I invented a thing!

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