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Is This Just Fantasy?

Days Sheltering inside: 21
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Sophie's Book: Dane


Continuing from yesterday's post I can now run 32-bit macOS Intel based apps on my state-of-the-art mac laptop, a machine that is only meant to run 64-bit Intel apps, it isn't everything that I wanted to achieve. I have a lot of documents back from the OS9 68K / PowerPC days for which there is no modern application that can read them.

When Apple moved to Intel based Macs, they ditched AppleWorks (previously ClarisWorks) and gave us Numbers & Pages instead. They didn't provide a DB (which AppleWorks had) and they kind-of gave us an object drawing program in Pages but not quite. Either way, I had a lot of documents that I was slowly converting to PDF's for archival purposes. This I did on my old 2007 PowerPC based PowerBook, which ran OS 10.4 (Tiger).

Attentive readers will be aware that that machine was stolen, and while I could try and source a replacement on eBay I decided that as I have full backups of all the data and applications that were on that machine I should - hopefully - be able to run an emulator and use that to convert the documents.

There is a PowerPC emulator (PearPC) that in theory would run 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and I'm still interested in getting that to run.

There is a 68K emulator (SheepShaver) that is known to work and run versions of macOS up to 9.0.4. It's easy to find and requires a copy of a Macintosh ROM and OS9 Install disk. Thankfully, both are easy enough to find.

Today, I ran OS9 on my Catalina based machine, installed AppleWorks, and opened old documents from my archives. Over time I'm likely to convert the important ones to PDF's or some other modern format. In reality I don't need to. The great thing about the OS9 emulator is that it has full access to my OS X file system and can read and write the files directly - you don't have to worry about how to get them in and out of the emulators file system, you just can. Plus you have full network access and large screen support.

Other fun stuff is running old original versions of Mozilla, iCab and IE - back when Internet Explorer really was the best browser around. I tried writing this post from the emulator and while pages like google.com load this page doesn't because it is dependent on AJAX calls.

If you haven't read Sophie's book, you really should. Available cheaply at all good online e-bookstores. BTW: Nice twist at the end Sophie, you successfully blindsided me.

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