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Is Tesla the new Apple?

As somebody who has used Apple products since the Apple ][ and owned Apple products since the Macintosh SE (my first computer that I actually owned and paid for with my hard earned cash) I'm probably one of limited number of people that have written code for the Apple Lisa - programmed in Clascal, an Object Oriented version of Pascal.

Since September last year I have been the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 and unlike any other car I have owned or driven the experience of ownership just keeps getting better.

The obvious differences between a Tesla and your run of the mill Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car is that it is Electric and runs on batteries. The not so obvious thing unless you have been in one is that with no gear box and no transmission, it goes from 0 to very very fast at a blackout inducing acceleration.

The not so obvious thing about the Model 3 unless you have been in one is that the traditional dash went out the window. There is no dash, there is just a big screen and everything is on that. There a couple of scrollers and buttons on the steering wheel but everything that is normally on that dash is on that screen, and that is where the beauty of the radical design really pays off.

When was the last time your car got better after you paid for it? Never, right? You see that Tesla Dash Screen is just software and software can be changed. On a regular basis Tesla update it. My car to improve the user interface experience or add new features. They send the updates over Wifi if I'm at home, or over the built-in cellular modem in the car (which Tesla pay for) if I'm not.

Just after I received the car there was an update. Plug-in a USB stick into any of the USB sockets in the car and it'll use the forward facing camera - the one used for autonomous driving - as a dash-cam. New feature, cost me nothing. Want to turn on the heated seats remotely, new feature. Want to make sure the car stays cool because your dog is in it, sure, feature added. Want to make sure nobody can steal your car, even if they clone your key? Lets add "Pin to drive", it's like 2FA for your car. Somebody trying to break into your car? Lets turn on all the external cameras and record that to your USB Stick for you. Yep, that last one is this weeks new feature.

When Apple introduced the Apple ][ they changed the industry. Then they tried to do it again with the Lisa, they didn't but they did with the Macintosh instead.

Is there parallels to draw been Jobs and Musk, quite possibly. Both are driven genius' who care about the product, care about the user experience and like to find solutions to problems when others throw their hands in the air and run away.

Finally the other parallel is the commitment of Apple and Tesla users to the love of their products. Apple may not be building cars, but Tesla certainly is changing the way cars are designed and used and that is something Apple did long ago with computers, then phones, then watches....



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