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Is Mad Max Driving?

Days sheltering in place: 102.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: no.

Haven driven on the Autobahn, US driving is completely different - in most cases - 5+ lanes of people going at different speeds. It’s easy to find a lane going your speed and cruise. The Tesla cruise control controls are much better than other cars I have driven. It has a scroll wheels on the steering wheel. You can scroll up and down and each click is 1 MPH. If you give it a swift flick it jumps ± to the nearest 5 MPH increment. This makes speeding up or slowing down easy - and fast - just using your hands. You have total control over the speed - if you want it.

Of course being an electric car you can drive with one peddle anyway. Foot down to accelerate, foot less down to slow down - the car charges the battery as you slow down. Break peddle is only for emergencies and a complete stop.

The car keeps in the lane you are in, regardless of how the road curves or bends. Then when you want to change lanes, you indicate, it knows about all the cars around it and will change lanes for you, speeding up or slowing down accordingly as needed. How tight a space to fit in and how fast to make the change is configurable from “chill”, through “normal” through “Mad Max” modes. If you are cruising along and find the car in front of you going slower than your desired speed, the car will work out which lane you need to be in, indicate to you that you should change lanes, you confirm and it handles the rest.

And finally. Being a decent electric car, the acceleration is something to be felt and can not be overstated as to how “rocket on wheels it feels”.

Of course if I’m on some country road in the UK then I want a fully manual car, say a Lotus or Caterham Super 7 will do nicely.

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