1 month ago for day 250, 2020 with 372 words.


Days sheltering in place: 174.
Exercise: er, nope.
Keyboard Practice: Moonlighting Sonata some more.

Taste the meat, not the heat
        - Hank Hill (propane salesman), King of the Hill

It's a three-day holiday weekend which means two things, go away to some crowded holiday destination with the rest of America, fire up the BBQ. So I never partake in part one. It seems silly. Why go somewhere, where everybody else is on one of the few days of the year that everyone else is doing it. Better to work that day then take a different day as holiday when everyone else is at work. Makes total sense to me.

As I now have a BBQ I do the BBQ bit, except it's a "Spare the Air" day in the bay area so you can't burn anything which rules me out because I like to cook over hot coals, not propane - sorry Hank.

A long weekend does give me the opportunity to catch up with all the stuff on my to do list that I never have the time to get to:

  • Finishing touches to sealing the mirror in the bathroom
  • Fixed the laundry ball (superglue)
  • Fixed a pair of Karen's flip-flops that were spliting (superglue)
  • Fixed a 14 year old pair of Karen's flip-flops that had come apart (superglue)
  • Got superglue on my shorts (and leg)
  • Removed dried superglue, have less hairs on my legs now
  • Shortened and fixed the garden hose, hopefully the squirrel will leave it alone
  • Finally did my filing, last time was probably January
  • Order an anti-squirrel baffle for the bird-feeder pole to restrict access to the water supply in the ant moat

Meanwhile Für Elise turns up in an episode of Brave New World - as if it hasn't been played to death in this household already.

Finally I would not be doing my job as co-owner of an Etsy store if I didn't try to entice you with the upcoming handmade christmas collection, featuring a lined wine / booze bottle gift bag custom made to your measurements in red or blue, with pull cord or ribbon. This is not your supermarket gift bag*.


*Wine bottle not included


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