2 years ago 🥁 for day 148, 2020 with 244 words.


Days sheltering in place: 72.
Days to normality: half dozen (at least).
Keyboarding: Briefly before bed, but I’m told that counts

“It’s gone she said, it was there yesterday. The spreadsheet I have been working on all week. When I try to open it in Excel it says it can’t be found”.

Calmly I got up from my office chair and walked to her office. Sure enough Excel was reporting that the file wasn’t there. Where did it think it was? On the desktop. It was’t there. Maybe it was accidentally moved. A quick search by filename revealed that it was nowhere to be found.

Now was the time to introduced her to time machine, which had been quietly backing up all her files to an external hard drive every hour. All we needed to do is go look at previous days in the backup records and restore the missing file. Sure enough, the missing Excel file was in the backup from, earlier that day. Click recover, the file was restored, as if it was never deleted.


Of course had we looked in the trash in the first place it would have been found there. She later admitted that she’d been clearing out a lot of junk from her desktop and maybe, just maybe it had been accidentally deleted.

Still, saved by the backup.

Huzzah (throws glass at the wall).

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