1 week ago 🥁 for day 53, 2021 with 208 words.

Home: 16 / Country: 3

Days of COVID: 341
Exercise: 4+ Mile walk up a mountain
Piano Song of the day: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

You may laugh at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but you try it with both hands, I'll wait. Yeah the melody with the right hand is easy, and the chord with the left hard are easyish, but together, forget it.

After I was asked to leave, I scrambled to find somewhere to stay. I'm not sure of the order of events here but I moved to the east end of London, Stepney Green to the Roland House Scout Associate Hostel. Earlier in my life I had been a Scout and then a Venture Scout. I had attended events at Scout Headquarters - Baden-Powell House - which was just around the corner from the Halls of residence in my first year at Polytechnic.

There was space at Roland House and as a Scout I could make use of the Hostel, knowing full well that it was likely to be closing in the next three months but a roof over my head was better than none at all. I gathered up my belongings and moved out East while I figured out what to do next regarding the problem with accomodation.


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By Yorick Phoenix 🥁

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