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Alas, Holst, Freddy & Kenny

Days sheltering in place: 122
Ants in the kitchen: NONE!!!
Keyboarding: touched the keys.

Lack of exercise due to the poor shopping experience during covid-19 is finally catching up with me, that and my absolutely insane workload. It's 11:33 PM and I've just finished for the day. Tomorrow however looks like it's going to be another crazy day. Being 95ºF outside (very hotºC) makes outside exercise, except early in the morning really unpleasant, and I'm not a morning person so, I need a different solution.

The UK, has a few great composers, and one of my favorites is Gustav Holst for composing the Planets Suite. Seven pieces about seven planets. Mars - the bringer of war - being a favorite of many, although I like Jupiter – the bringer of jollity.

Of the many interpretations of Holst's work, my all time favorite is that of Iaso Tomita. He programed synthesizers to sound like orchestral instruments and proceeded to create fantastic "electronic" versions of famous pieces. They are all good.

Unfortunately, Tomita's verson annoyed Holst's daughter Imogen. So much that she successfully sued for a court order which kept this "pop version" of her father's suite banned. Some 30,000 records were removed from stores. Tomita's Planets (1976) was only re-released after her death in 1984.

Of course, that didn't stop (Kenny Everett)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Everett] from playing it on Capital Radio in London because he already had a copy. I lived in Germany at the time and managed to pick up my now treasured Japanese import of said album on vinyl.

Nowadays you can listen to it on CD, or the YouTube links above.

For those of you too young to know who Kenny Everett is, he was a pirate radio DJ, who got fired from the BBC and ended up working at Capital Radio in London. As a friend of Freddy Mercury is the person responsible for playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio when the record company refused to release it. His playing it got it out there and created the demand, forcing the record companies hand - I'm sure they were OK with the money they made from it though.

So, Holst, Tomita, Freddy & Kenny, thank you.

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