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Rosy Haircut

Exercise: assembled a cross trainer.
Welsh phase of the day: Dw i'n hoffi coffi (I like coffee).

I big heavy box arrived today. Which I then spent a couple of hours assembling with only two minor mistakes that were easily fixed and one missing nut which if absolutely needed I can go to the hardware store to get a replacement - probably easier than dealing with customer support as it is a standard size. The end result after a couple of hours, a very nice elliptical cross-trainer for Karen.

This was also the annual haircuts for the rose bushes. I think I forgot to prune them back last year and even though it is only the 3rd of January I think I might have left it a little late (again). You are meant to pune them so that they survive winter, but winter of that kind doesn't really happen where I live and I see lots of new buds sprouting. This helped to indicate where to cut though. I feel bad cutting off all their limbs that they have spent months growing. Sure they will grow new ones, so I prefer to refer to it is a haircut.

Plus I finished the Python project I started yesterday and have a fully operational game of Battleships, including board print out. I found python a frustrating language, and as a first language I suspect others will suffer from the same frustrations as myself. I still think JS would be better, but at least it's better than Java and possibly better than BASIC.

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