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Epic Fail!

Days sheltering in place: 154.
Exercise: 5. Mile bike ride at 20mph @ 85ºF.
Keyboard practice: a quick für or more.

Well the whole Epic vs Apple thing is blowing up. As I don’t play fortnite I’m not affected. As I don’t play video games at all, don’t won a console I really don’t care. As an Apple shareholder I should care, but don’t really. I’m a hands off investor. When the stock stops making sense or owning it has served it’s purpose I’ll sell it.

It’s going to be an interesting battle. While Apple’s model for the AppStore may have so issues as to who gets to play, the rules that developers have to agree to, the fees that they agree to pay and the fact that in reality there is no other way to get your application onto users iOS devices from a purely business and contract law perspective, as soon as I can tell - and I’m not a lawyer, but know some - Epic broke the terms of the agreement that they signed with Apple and everything that Apple have done so far and let Epic know that they will be doing nearer to the end of the month are completely legal and clearly defined.

From that perspective I suspect Epic have no chance in court, Apple will drag it out and Epic will abandon the iOS / macOS platform. Or tail between their legs they promise not to be so childish again - just like Über did when they nearly got kicked out of the AppStore.

People might not like this, people might think Apple are a bully, people may think that Apples terms are unfair, but from a pragmatic standpoint of contract enforcement Apple doesn’t have much choice to do this or have the developer agreement voided.

Personally I’m tired of it already. If you don’t like the agreement and the terms, don’t sign it, go make your money on Android and Windows - oh yeah Google kicked them out of the PlayStore too. So go be a console game company and pay the console manufacturers their fee instead - its pretty much the same as paying Apple, and those consoles really are a closed system.


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