1 week ago 🥁 for day 120, 2021 with 204 words.

Almost AirTags

Days to COVID Maxination: 6
Exercise: Walk to FedEx and Trader Joes
Piano Song of the day: Burn (by somebody)

I have nearly cracked "Burn" at 60% speed. Of the 374 notes, I keep getting one wrong, and it is frustrating.

The Belkin Key Ring Holder for my forthcoming AirTags arrived today - I got a blue one, Karen got a pink one (because they didn't have a red one). Next week our actual engraved AirTags arrive and I'll be sure to let you know. I've been a big fan of Tile's which we have attached to our keys, in our backpacks, camera bag, suitcase etc. The big advantage for AIrTag's is that the crowdsource network is every iOS / macOS device in existence with bluetooth and location tracking turned on. Which I am going to assume is almost every single iPhone in existence.

I also ordered the new Siri Apple TV Remote to replace our existing one. We'll probably be buying a second AppleTV 4K anyway later this year when we have a use for a second TV. Which also means buying a new TV for the living room. I'm thinking 70" this time instead of the 55" inch one that we have at the moment.


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