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Bear With Me

Exercise: Nope.
Keyboard: G G A G C B, G G A G D C, G G+ . . .

It was a friends sons birthday so I learnt to play the above (well all the bars) again, I learnt it before but forgot due to the lack of demand for my play8ng skills.

If bears had access to fire or heat would they hibernate?

I’ve never looked into why bears hibernate. I assumed it was because of the cold and sorter days Seems like the kind of thing you would want to sleep through to spring if you didn’t have some form of heat source. If bears had heated caves would they hibernate?

I suspect that the cold isn’t the whole story. Do polar bears hibernate in winter, and if so where, in igloo’s?

No cold can’t be it. Lack of food supply makes sense. American bears hibernate when the snow comes and access to natural food gets cut off. Polar bears probably don’t have this issue.

For me however, the cold makes me fall asleep. My bodies way of telling me to conserve energy even though a completely stocked kitchen is only 10 feet away.

This is why I don’t do well at conferences, they are always over air-conditioned and my body wants to sleep though the presentations.

Excuse me while I go Google hibernation, bears & polar bears.

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