1 year ago 🥁 for day 335, 2020 with 273 words.

OMG: Seven Hundred !

Exercise: Nah, I'm back at work.
Keyboard: Full on everything I could remember, which was surprisingly a lot.

Back at work, two spare rolls of toilet paper, spent the day catching up.

I've been watching a series on HBO called Industry which is about the finance industry in London - obviously not a new idea - and overall it is OK, except all the drug scenes.

I also started watching I hate Suzie, also on HBO, because Billie Piper is the lead, and, well I was luckily out of the country when she was a pop star so only know her as "Rose". The first episode was OK, but I had to abandon the second due to the - what seemed to me - mindless drinking and drugs and a pretty irresponsible plot line.

Maybe it's just me. I've got nothing against recreational use of drugs and alcohol but in both of the shows it doesn't add anything to the storyline. It seems that now that drugs have become an accepted thing, we have to stuff in front of the viewers eyeballs for an uncomfortable length of time for nothing other than trying to shock when in fact it comes over as "what is this boring, pointless drivel", maybe there is something better to watch elsewhere,

I really just doing get it. I find it annoying. If it actually added to the storyline other than trying to highlight that in the finance industry all the 20 somethings take drugs and binge drink it doesn't have to be continuously used as padding because the authors have run out of ideas.

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