8 months ago 🥁 for day 4, 2021 with 319 words.

Hi Ho

Exercise: fifteen minutes on the cross trainer.
Welsh phase of the day: Dw i ddim yn bwyta pys (I am not eating peas).

First day back at work for most people, which started well with a slack outage. I tried letting the rest of my team know that slack was out, with the irony being that I would let them know via slack and I had to assume that they would have worked that out anyway.

Sitting in the dark for most of my video calls for the last two years I finally decided to do something about it. You see my desk faces a wall, to my right is a window, behind me is a window, and should I need so extra light, behind me at the other end of the office is a floor standing lamp that bounces its lumens off my ceiling to provide a soft dispersed light around the room.

This works for me. I need to see my screens and that's about it. But for video calls my face is not well lit at all. People see a beautifully lit room and a shadow of me. If I turn my 27" screen up to full brightness then it throws some light on my face but not much.

Not wanting to go as far as a ring light I invested in a LEd strip that I could place on the top of my monitor to throw light on my face. I think the light is too blue and therefore cold for my taste but I can work with it. It was cheap after all, USB powered and came with a power brick. We'll see how it works out in the next few days as a fill in light.

PS: Finished watching "The Night Manager" on Amazon Prime, recommended if you have a spare six hours (we watched it over three nights).


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