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Belgium Man, Belgium

Exercise: Nope.
Keyboard: Forgetful Sonata.

          "Belgium man, Belgium"
                  -- Zaphopd Beeblebox in the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Deaths from COVID per 100,000 population, seems to be Belgium.

I'm sure I'm playing Moonlight Sonata all wrong by now, but isn't that how many popular songs start. They start by playing some well known classical melody and accidentally play the wrong note or chord, creating something new and take it in a new direction. I'm not the good, yet, roll on 2021.

My boss asked me for a headshot photo for the company website. Back in 2012 I had my photo on the website. At some point the site was redone and all the staff photos were removed. Now, as a bunch of work has been done on the site of late I think the plan is to put the photos back up again but we need new ones.

I spent the evening going through Karen's collection of photos as I occur as a common subject, plus a selection of selfies etc to see how I could come up with. As the CTO it was suggested that my photo shouldn't be as formal as some of the others so that we don't scare off prospective engineers yet not too wild as we do have the US Government as a customer so have to find some balance there somewhere.

Of all the photos I found, this is not the one that will be used, but I thought you might enjoy it nevertheless.

It's getting close to Home Depot Box reveal time, 13 days to go.


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