2 years ago 🥁 for day 180, 2020 with 339 words.

Grouty Grout Grout Grout

Days sheltering in place: 104.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 2.
Keyboarding: moonlighting.

No ants in the kitchen today, and to make sure I got the grout out again today and filed in all the small cracks between the window frame and the tile on the windowsill around the sink. This had better work.

Of course there were two ants in Karen’s office, so the house is not ant free yet.

To increase my reprotaire a little I started on the next item on my list - Moonlight Sonata - which seems simple enough with the possibility that I could play it with two hands if I really practice a lot. I’ve been practicing all the basic right hand sequences, still fumbling, but I’ll get there with enough practice. I still play everything else I have learnt, every day so in the end my daily practice is getting longer by the very fact that I know more snippets of music to play.

The 4TB external drive I ordered Friday morning when I was having problems with my existing drive turned out not to be needed. macOS Disk Utility was lying to me about the issues with the drive, or at least the repair ability of the drive and whether all the partitions were in danger of being lost.

This became clear when I couldn’t partition the new drive.

Turns out it was a macOS screw up. A reboot in recovery mode, and disk first aid run on each partition and everything was fine.

I now have a brand new 4TB drive that I am wondering about returning, or keeping for the day that I really do start having problems and need a drive fast. Having a spare 4TB can always come in handy nowadays anyway.

I can always image my entire 4TB archive drive to the new 4TB archive drive occasionally just to have yet another backup - it’s not like I have too many backups already.

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