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Earth Moved For Me

Exercise: two-mile walk to Target
Piano Song of the day: Sonate 11 - Mozart (both hands 133/136 notes)

I didn't play any more notes, but I was able to play 125 notes straight through and 133 if I paused the manuscript at one point to reposition my hands. I spotted the missing three notes go past and maybe tomorrow I'll try tackling those three notes just so that I have played them all in some form.

When people are thinking about moving to the USA they are often faced with playing the "pick your natural disaster" game.

Chose to live anywhere on the West Coast.... the ground moves on a regular basis and you can't predict it with more than a couple of seconds warning.

Chose to live anywhere in the middle.... the wind spins rather fast, in tight columns of destruction with a few minutes warning and you better have somewhere underground to hide with a very good door that won't get ripped off by the wind.

Chose to live on the east coast or along the gulf coast... the winds spins fast, and the water swells and rises. You better know of a building that will survive a class 5 hurricane. Thankfully you are likely to have days to find one.

Elsewhere, extreme snowstorms, or flash floods, or get killed by a grizzly bear.

Today my office desk and chair started sliding back and forth for a period of about 45 seconds. At first, I thought earthquake but dismissed it because there was no shaking or jolting motion. But it wasn't stopping and I started questioning whether anything was wrong with my ears or balance, or brain.

A quick check online revealed that it was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake about 41 miles away.

Rock on!

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