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Exercise: nope.
Welsh phase of the day: Dw i ddim yn hoffi smwddio (I don't like ironing).

Hopefully you are picking up some Welsh along the way and you to will soon be saying:

            Dw i'n hoffi coffi da

Dw i => I

Hoffi => Like

But between I and Like (an adjective) you need 'yn', so you have Dw i yn hoffi....

Just like do not can be contracted to don't, in Welsh you can contract

i yn => i'n, the same applies to chi yn => chi'n

coffi => coffee (that's the easy one)

da => good

So we have: I like coffee, good.

Now, just when you thought you had the hang of that, if we make this a negative statement using:

ddim => not

Then things change.

Instead of saying:

Dw i'n ddim hoffi.... it turns out that the 'yn' has to go with the adjective and thus before the hoffi, so you can't write:

Dw i yn ddim hoffi coffi, you instead write

Dw i ddim yn hoffi coffi, and thus as it appears you can't contract ddim yn into ddim'n (I haven't found out why), you have to write:

Dw i ddim yn hoffi coffi da for: I don't like good coffee.

For more simpler things the Welsh word for Lemon is Lemon (you just say it differently, because of course you do).

Hope you enjoyed your introductory lesson on Welsh Gramadeg, if you want to learn more, I would highly recommend the lessons on Duolingo.

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