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Got To Play

Days Sheltering in place: 28
Spare rolls of toilet paper: 4

After yesterday's grammatically unspectacular scribblings you find yourself in another part of the world reading yet another post where I think about trying to channel David Byrne but I'm not that good, even if I buy a suit 5 times too big for me, I am not going to have the skill to write "Life during wartime" and I have to accept that. Not that I ever claimed to be any good at lyrics.

I would like to be half decent at playing keyboards though. A long time ago in a place far far away (well Germany) I used to play synths in a high school band. Sure, we weren't that good and while tapes exist to highlight this fact, I won't be subjecting you to any of it. Needless to say, I was OK at simple stuff. I was never going to be Dave Greenfield, Keith Emerson, Rod Ardent, Rick Wakeman or Jean-Michel Jarre but you now know who I wanted to be.

A long time has passed since high school and again I have a keyboard thanks to my wife but I've forgotten how to play. I'm having to learn all over again, and trust me, as you get older it gets harder.

Meanwhile here is a genius in a suit.

NB: Live Video of "Life During Wartime",
also ELP playing "Fanfare for the Common Man" (full version).


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