6 months ago for day 105, 2020 with 273 words.

Got To Pay

Days Sheltering in place: 4 weeks (at least 2 more to go)
Spare rolls of toilet paper: 4

Yesterday, or maybe the day before I'm not really sure - my sense of time is definitely all sort of timey wimey at the moment - my credit card was charged for WriteTogether which is something I had forgotten I was paying for. Not that I mind of course. There aren't that many people here so what we pay covers the server cost, guilt / mind share, bug fixes and hopefully a few cups of coffee for Owen (and KTamas I would hope - who's posts I absolutely miss).

Talking about that last sentence, where would I be without KTamas' "Last months media diet" post. Stuck that's where. There was no post for March and now I'm in mid-April wondering what to watch. Yes I'm watching "Run" (of course) and "Westworld III" because I'm committed to understanding what the hell is happening with the belief that I won't. Plus "John Oliver" to keep me sane in America.

Which also means I filed my Taxes. I didn't need to as the deadline has been pushed back to July for some reason - ie: Corona and Tax Accountants aren't an essential business but can do all their work from home anyway. I filed my Federal Taxes ages ago because the Government owed me money and I wanted / needed it. I'm filing my State Taxes now because I owe California money - $21 - so I might as well cough up.

At least it's another item off my - never to get to zero items - To Do List.


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