2 years ago 🥁 for day 113, 2020 with 320 words.

Goodbye Gryffindor

Days sheltering in place: 37
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: One (the rationing has started)

Yes, that's a clickbait title, all will be revealed

Event that isn't happening today: wandering around Cardiff Bay, visiting Torchwood Tower, Ianto's Memorial and all the Dr Who sites + BBC Studios.

Let’s us be clear, I have never read any of the Harry Potter Books. I think I have seen most if not all of the movies. I’m not sure as they are not really my thing but contain a wealth of great British actors. I can admit that I have been in the same room as my wife while she has been watching the said movies - she owns them all - and have watched a bunch of scenes, even entire movies I couldn’t tell you which - although I have seen the first and quite possibly the one with “Phoenix” in the title.

My wife makes pillows / throw cushions and sells them on Etsy, I‘m generally in charge of sourcing the T-Shirts that are used or the Dr Who material. doing the accounting and she is in charge of making them, packaging and maintaining the Etsy site. Most of the pillows that get sold I have no feeling for but every now and again there is one for which I am sad to see leave - the Exploding TARDIS one was very special in that regard.

Business has been slow of late - no surprise - but today we received a surprise order with Mother’s Day coming up in the USA - and I have to bid goodbye to a rather nice looking pillow, which means nothing to me except I like the way it looks.

Also we have plenty of Dr Who Exploding TARDIS material if only I can convince my wife to make me a pillow to keep this time.


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