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Good Omens is very very Good

Stop whatever you are doing. I mean it. Well you have the read the rest of this paragraph and the next and then you can stop, but first do you have a spare 6 hours? You don't. Cancel everything until you do. Do you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video? You do, great. You don't? Don't worry, you can get a free trial - I don't know this for sure, just assume that it is the case.

For the next six hours (actually slightly less) you are going to be watching the long awaited TV adaptation of Good Omens, a book written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman - published in 1990. If you don't like Neil's style that is OK, the TV series comes off more in the style of Douglas Adams, which is no surprise really because Terry, Douglas and Neil all write in a somewhat similar absurd style and Neil wrote the TV scripts and was the show runner.

I read the book originally when it came out - yes I'm old - but only because I had run out of Terry Pratchett books to read - he was writing two per year at that point and somebody had cleverly put it next to all his other books in the store.

I'm not going to spoil your enjoyment by mentioning anything at all about the book or the show, although if you have read the book I think it differs in content somewhat. The concepts and storyline are still the same I'm petty sure - it's been a while. I'd have to check with my wife as she is listening to an audiobook version and would know.

OK, what are you still doing here reading this stuff, go binge on it now.

NB: @owen can I get my 150 day award now, thanks!


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