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Gruntled or Not Gruntled?

Exercise: Took out the garbage.
Welsh word of the day: Diolch (Thanks).

gruntled — Adj: pleased, satisfied, and contented

I don't think Duolingo is going to make me a great Welsh speaker. It may not even make be a poor welsh speaker. I can pass the reading and writing exercises with relative ease so maybe it is building a foundation and I'll need somebody Welsh to practice with. A WSL teacher - I know somebody who is Welsh and teaches ESL and I'm sure he'd be willing to coach me, as would Karen's daughter who did her entire undergraduate degree and teaching credential in Welsh - she teaches in a Welsh school.

I recovered all 459GB of Data from backups of the crashed drive. Quite painless. Feeling very gruntled.

Meanwhile when it comes to GoPro and I suspect they don't really have any serious competition and that has made them sloppy. Karen inherited a GoPro 3 (I think, it's old) from her son when he upgraded and she has had fun using it while out on her bike. I decided she needed a new one so I was going to get her a Hero 7 or Hero 8. I saw Casey compare the 8 against the 9 which indicated that I didn't really need the 9. Until GoPro offered me $150 off and Amex offered to kick in an extra $70 which made it stupid to not buy it. So I did.

GoPro has about the hardest setup experience that exists, does it come with a manual? No. Does it even say, here download the manual at this link? No. It does prompt you to download the app and that's it. Maybe it's tailed to people that have used GoPro's for the last 10 years but seriously, if you are new to this, your "new product" experience sucks.

Plus, can you quickly download the photos and videos that you took to Apple Photos like you could with the GoPro 3? No. That functionality was too good, too handy, so they took it away. Seriously they took it away. Can you pop out the SD card and use a reader, sure. Do you want to? No. Can you connect to your mac using the USB cable, sure. Does the SD card mount on the desktop if you do? No. Does it appear as a device in Photos? Yes. Can you then download the photos? No. Do yiou have to spend ages on Google reading about others users experience to find that first you have to change some setting on the device and then you use Image Capture to import to the Finder, and then export from the Finder to Photos. What is this madness?

This madness is because they want you to upload and store all your photos in the GoPro Cloud and charge you an annual membership for that. Which you don't want, and don't need. You want the files on your machine, but that is not in GoPro's interest and they try to spin as not being in your interest either.

It gets worse. When you go to register the device you need the serial number. Where is it? In the battery compartment. How easy is it to read, hard. You need a light and a magnifying glass and you can only read it at a 30° angle to the label. This is what the GoPro website tells you where to look.

Do they mention that it is on the box the product came in? No. Do they mention that if you go to "Settings > About" it will display the serial number? No, but if you dig around enough, you'll find that works, but that isn't the recommended method when it should be the first thing they recommend. Muppets.

Boy am I seriously under impressed with the GoPro software and product experience. Yes, the Hero 9 may be the best version they have ever made, and it is very nice. But they have a lot, and I mean a lot to learn about the new user experience and not taking away existing functionality to try and screw the user out of some extra dollars.

Absolutely not gruntled at all.

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